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In a world full of advertising that is basically just noise, what one really needs in order to make ROI, is simply REAL COMMUNICATION!

Why do most SME’s marketing fail?

There could be many factors that can affect your online marketing efforts, but here are a few points we have identified over the years the most small businesses trip up on and never realize:

  1. No clear strategy or market analysis.
  2. Advertising in the wrong place.
  3. Not applying the basic laws of communication.
  4. Not asking for a response from the audience.
  5. Not measuring ROI.
  6. Not spending enough on marketing that is effective.
  7. Don’t know the difference between PR and Marketing.

To sum it up most small businesses are throwing time or money away at ineffective marketing practices and think that their success depends only on doing more of what they are currently doing. Not realizing that what they are doing has kept them where they are and kept them small.

You want more customers, right?

There could be 1000’s of ways to find and get customers, but most small businesses don’t have huge budgets and lots of staff to effectively implement all these strategies. That’s why when we start working with a client we don’t try and oversell them on everything. The most important thing we want to accomplish in the shortest amount of time is some kind of return on investment. This basically means we want to help you get some new customers fast!

How do we help you get more customers?

Market Analysis

Without understanding your market we are shooting in the dark and will not be able to communicate to them effectively.

Identify Where To Promote

This might sound simple, but many small businesses are just not sure where to promote sometimes. We will help you nail this down, so you get ROI.

Google Ads

Depending on your niche, this is usually the go-to method of finding you new customers, since they are already looking for your product or service.

Local SEO

Local businesses depend on their ability to be found online to survive. We can help you gain more exposure in your service area with our proven tactics.

CRM System Setup

A CRM is a Customer Relations Management software that enables you to keep track of all your customers and sales, as well as assist you in keeping in touch with them through automated mailers.

Direct Outreach Campaigns

Most businesses have forgotten how powerful a simple, direct, personal message could be to a prospective client. This form of promotion is not dead and statistically outperforms most other means of promotions.

Facebook Ads

Most people that have tried Facebook ads themselves would tell you that they don’t work! But there is more to FB ads than creating one ad and setting a target audience. When done right it could scale your business to epic proportions.

Email Funnels

Email funnels are basically just automated email messages that keep your prospects interested in your offering. They are your automated follow up machine and can turn skeptics into customers over time.

What you should not be focussing on

We have seen this time and time again. When small businesses start their marketing campaigns they get lost in the significances of all of the following:

  • Their Brand & Identity
  • Their Website’s Design
  • Thinking they need to be very creative
  • Their Social Media Profiles and Likes

Most of the above items would fall into the realm of PR. Marketing is nor PR. Marketing is only concerned about getting results and PR simply smoothes the road for Marketing a little.

We are a marketing company not a PR firm.

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