3 Useful Social Media Apps to Help you Engage, Plan and Measure your Social Activities

With the world literally going nuts for all and any things SOCIAL we thought we might share some helpful tools to make the social networker’s life a bit easier.

1. dlvr.it

This nifty free app allows you to post your publications to various and multiple social networks, automatically.  It can monitor an RSS feed for new post and repost them to other networks.  Currently it supports: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Linkedin, Statusnet, RSS and Delicious.  Too bad there is no support for Google+ yet, but we’re sure they will catch on eventually.

2. Buffer

This is also a tool that allows you to post to multiple accounts, but with the added feature of scheduling automatic posts.  They also boast an Android and iPhone app as well as a Google Chrome plugin, but yet again no Google+ (we are sensing a conspiracy…). Another negative was that the free account is limited to only 3 social accounts, which I guess is fair, as they need some way to pay the bills.

3. Social Mention

Want to know what people are saying about you or your brand? Or if they are talking about you at all? This tool can help you find find out and even has a sentiment gauge to see if the talk on the town is positive, neutral or negative. It also claims to somehow measures the passion of your communications(don’t ask us how).

There are hundreds of little tools out there like these but we have found that there still seems to be a market for an all in one total encompassing solution. Data X-Ware in Partnership with eMarketing Solutions are working on something special in this regards to help solve the problem, but a little more about that later…


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