About Us

About Us

Our awesome company

Pixolv is the result of over 50 years of experience within the information technology and website industry between the team members. The fields of frontend, system integration, business process management and automation forming the core of our skills.

The combination of these skills have created a unique product offering that focus on small to medium business to solve problems that previously could only be solved with expensive proprietary software.

Why Are We Awesome?

Awesome Technology

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do business, online presence in the form of a website and e-commerce sites is not a nice to have anymore it is a necessity. Increasingly small to medium enterprises need to turn to technology to be able to compete locally and internationally. Unfortunately, the benefit is most often outweighed against the cost of transformation. Pixolv strives bridge this gap by delivering a unique product that is within the reach of small to medium enterprises.

Our Vision

To be your information technology partner of choice.

Our Purpose

To find simple solutions to your unique business problems – big or small – in an innovative and creative way.

Our Mission

Get things done! FAST!
Continuously innovate and deliver value to our customers.
Overdeliver on communication, speed and efficiency.
Always deliver quality and style.

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