Google + is Aggravating Twitter

Google vs. TwitterThis week, everyone has been talking about Google’s launch of Search Plus Your World (SPYW), a set of features to personalize search results for users, but some argue that this gives Google+ content a whole lot more play in their search results. Finally everyone has forgotten about the Kardashians and have a whole new controversy to talk about. Some are even talking about antitrust implications, relevancy issues, etc. Even Twitter called the day it launched “a bad day for the Internet”.

Do you agree? Is Search Plus Your World bad for the Internet?  Please let us know by commenting below.

It seems that ever since I got back from holiday(which was way too short), all the buzz in the web news was either about or implicating Social Media.  Everyone seems to be coming out with some new product to help you gauge or manage your social cloud.  Even SEOMOZ added Social Reporting to their pro package, just recently.  They seem to have decided to only target Twitter and Facebook.  One thing is for sure, if you are going to be doing or creating anything related to social, you better not leave out Google+.  All this controversy is good for Google+, even if people are criticizing them left right and centre.  Any publicity is good publicity, and they know this.  Remember how much press Facebook got because of it’s privacy issues and hack attacks.  You don’t see their numbers dwindling!

NOW is the perfect time to jump on the band wagon and get your business geared to benefit from this Social Era.  In fact Data X-Ware in partnership with eMarketing Solutions plan on riding this wave until our boards hit the sand and we do a face-plant on the beach!  But more about that a little later.

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