Happy Internet Day

Yes folks very few people know it but today is “World Internet Day” On this day we celebrate the efforts of all the guys and gals who tread the hamster wheel on a daily basis to make sure..

Ok not really but it should be . Why today ? No reason.  We just love the internet so much that we think it deserves a holiday.

We all love the web and the opportunities it brings right? We love going online and having everything we need right at our fingertips. Yet how often do you feel the web is not loving you back?

Often South African websites are out-dated, ugly and pretty useless. Often I close websites or navigate away within 3 seconds of opening it just because the cobwebs of old out-dated content and information stuns my mouse cursor.  The problem in my opinion is that many companies do not understand the web nor how to use it as a marketing tool. The days of bombarding the consumer with your marketing message are gone, it’s time to stop telling them what you think they need to know. It is time to start interacting, time to start finding out what it is they  want to know , and it’s time to start reacting and actually giving them what they need.

The problem seems to be that many companies don’t  seem to realise the potential of using their websites as marketing tools, not to even mention market researching tools. Often the ones that do are unable to capitalise on this since they do not have the tools or ability to respond quickly or at all.

The upside is that with the multitude of options available and due to the nature of the web this need not be the case.  With the right tools and the right platform at your disposal a company can easily interact with their customers to find out what it is they want  or need.

This means that all and all companies need to be innovative when it comes to their websites, they need to be strategic.  A website is one of the faces of a company , a representative.  Until now many companies have not been too bothered with what their websites can really do for them and perhaps some have just spent a normal monthly or once off budget on their site without too much thought as to why or what they are getting out of it( or not getting out of it).

In some cases the website may actually be doing more harm than good. A website should give an insight to the business, the brand and what it stands for and should allow visitor to interact with it. Companies making use of cheap solutions to do this often end up getting just that and people could see the brand as that.

A website should please visitors and not force your message on them, it should allow them to share your brand with others , give insight into every aspect of the company in an interactive way.

A company’s website can love the visitor back or it can become the worst pickup line  which they will share over a pint or glass of wine with 5 friends.

Affordable doesn’t have to be cheap!!

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