Magento Mobile: World’s First Integrated, Native Mobile Commerce Platform

We have been using magento for quite some time here at webfanatix and we have watched it slowly evolve into possibly one of the best(if not the best)  Open e-commerce solutions out there. Magento is an axcelent solution for small to large ecommerce sites , and it seems it will only be getting bettter with the launch of Magento mobile as can be seen from this extract of the Magento newsletter.

“The Magento team is pleased to announce the launch of Magento mobile, a new product that will allow Magento merchants to easily create branded, native mobile storefront applications that are deeply integrated with Magento’s market-leading eCommerce platform. The product includes a new administrative manager, a native iPhone app that is fully customizable, and a service where Magento manages the submission and maintenance process for the iTunes App Store.

Learn more by visiting the Magento mobile product page and sign-up to be the first to launch a native mobile app, fully integrated with Magento.”

I, for one cant wait to get my hands on this to start playing arround. Read more on the offical

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