Get ahead in April 2018!

This is totally fine, and if you have worked hard and have produced well throughout the new year, you totally deserve it.

If you haven’t worked hard all year or, you feel like you have, but have nothing to show for it, then now is definitely not the time to relax and take it slow.

Businesses, especially, should take full advantage of people’s increased spending habits and capitalise on it wherever possible. Non-retail businesses should make use of the “slow” time to plan for the rest of the year and prepare themselves for when things will pick up again.

Basically the only time one should really slow down is when you are actually way ahead of the game and can REALLY HONESTLY afford it. This world is cruel and does not permit anything to simply persist and stay the way it is for no reason. If your stats and sales are up you need to keep them there, or create a system that does so you can enjoy the time off.

Thats why we at Webfanatix and Pixolv are taking advantage of this slow period to get our administrative lines better organised, our staff better trained and our customers more informed. We are a company that is always focused on expansion for not only ourselves but for our customers.

We see great opportunities ahead for small to medium businesses and startups, should they actually capitalise on the time they have. Our mission is to help solve businesses’ problems relating to marketing and promotion using our modern website designs and smart online marketing. We invite you to contact us and come have a coffee with us, to find out exactly what we can do for you and your business. One thing we never run out of is coffee and good ideas.

So what will it be for you this April? Slow down and contract, or speed up and expand?

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