Should I go for iPhone or Android?

This seems to be hot topic nowadays, and not a day goes by that I don’t see some sort of news article playing the 2 smartphone giants up against each other, Samsung and Apple more specifically.

Having been an avid iPhone fan for 2 years, there was never a doubt in my mind that I had the best smartphone on the market… until just recently that is!

It all started with the launch of the iPhone 5.  Like most applemaniacs I could not wait for this launch, as my iPhone 4 was starting to feel seriously outdated and slow.  As usual I was impressed by the videos posted on Apple’s website and immediately wanted one, though in retrospect I can’t remember why now. the only real significant tweaks for me was a slightly larger screen, a faster CPU and a thinner design.  Look don’t get me wrong, Apple really needed to do above mentioned upgrades, as they were long overdue, but what a bout the software?

iOS 6 is hardly a breakthrough system, and at first glance you won’t easily spot a difference from iOS 5 or iOS4. Pretty much everything has stayed the same.  The same boring home screen, the same boring lock screen, still just one button which is annoyingly difficult to double click, and eventually doesn’t work at all. The technology innovators seemed to have just released an iPhone 4SS instead of an iPhone5 simply cause they just couldn’t be bothered.

So how did I finally see the light and see the iPhone for what it was?  Simple, I got impatient!  In South Africa the iPhone 5 isn’t even here yet, although they promise to have it here by X-Mas, but if it’s anything like the other releases you wont get it until 2013. Having come to the end of my contract and having the option to upgrade, I started shopping around again.

The Samsung Galaxy phones were obviously the only real competitors, and I was quite sceptic at first that they would live up to my expectations.  I mean how could their phones really be better I thought. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Then one night I went out for drinks and saw someone’s Galaxy S3 and it got me really intrigued.  Suddenly I was lying awake at night weighing the pro’s and cons and trying to decide between the 2 platforms.  To make the indecision even worse I got to play around with someone else’s Galaxy tab and I immediately found it easier to use than the iPad.  The price of the Galaxy phones was another factor which grabbed my attention, as there was a notable difference.

That was it, I was going to make one last effort at weighing the 2 platforms up against each other, so I went to the nearest MTN store and to view their live demo’s   At first I was interested in the S3, but I found out quickly that I would only be able to update the software once and then no more! I was a bit disappointed to hear this, and was not too keen on the size of the Note2, as it is just frikken huge!  Reluctantly I asked the sales guy to lay down the differences between the S3 and the Note2(which could handle a few more software upgrades), and it became very clear, very quickly that the S2 was the big daddy al round!  But was it going to fit in my pocket?  Surprisingly it does! It’s only 20g or so heavier than my iPhone as well!

With that I placed my order for the Note2 and waited. Got called up the very next Monday(I was at the shop on the Friday) and my phone was ready. Brilliant!

I hadn’t even seen the Jelly Bean operating system yet, and I’ll admit it took a bit of time getting used to, but in now time at all I was completely blown away.  Another nice pro is that I haven’t had to purchase a single app yet. Not even Whatsapp!  the sheer speed, ease of use and the gigantic screen had won me over in less than a day.  I haven’t even gotten around to rooting/jailbreaking it because I just haven’t found a need yet.  Everything just works, my apps don’t crash, photos and video looks amazing and the extra back button makes life so much easier. I hardly ever use the stylus but I was quite impressed with how well it works, as it feels very natural.

Two weeks in I’m still loving it and whenever I pick up my old iPhone it feels absolutely tiny! It feels the size of a Galaxy Pocket, which I might add is a very nice little phone for it’s price.

Now I know this isn’t a spec for spec match up type article you were expecting, because there are millions of those on the net already, but if ever you were contemplating the move from iPhone to Android, I’d say this much: There is nothing to fear and the grass is greener on the other side sometimes.

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