Titanium cross-platform native application development

This week we came accross, probably one of the most impressive cross-platform development platforms out there.  It’s called Titanium, and it’s developed by Appcelerator.  What was so impressive you ask?  Well, nowadays you need to be in three places at once: Online, On-phone, and On-desktop. With Titanium you can create immersive, full-featured applications that go beyond browser boundaries and stick with your audience whenever and wherever they are.

Titanium applications are divided into 4 main parts:

  1. The html/css/javascript code that makes up the core application logic and UI
  2. The APIs that access native device/desktop functionality, analytics or other modular functionality
  3. The language-OS bridge that compiles web code into native application code
  4. The run-time shell that packages the application for cross-platform distribution.

Once built, Titanium-based applications can be tested, packaged, and distributed through the Appcelerator Network’s cloud services. What we loved most is that the Titanium platform is open source, so you may also access the source code to the complete application at any time for your own use.

What we at Webfanatix were most interested in was Titanium’s ability to create native iPhone and Android applications.  We’ve been researching the mobile market for a couple of months now and have considered various means and SDK’s to start developing our mobile apps with, and Titanium seems to be the option that will deliver and help us create our apps for cross platform usage.  Titanium translates your hard won web skills into native applications that perform and look just like they were written in Objective-C [iPhone and iPad] or Java [Android].  As most developers know, CSS3 and HTML5 are the future, so developing with Titanium will make you feel like it’s the year 2020!

Appcelerator also boasts a neat eCommerce module, Titanium+Commerce, with which you can accept mobile payments, implement loyalty programs and geo-targeting promotions.  This module can be easily integrated with your Titanium apps.

If you want to find out more you can visit appcelerator’s site here.

We’re all so excited and have allready started playing around with it.  Watch this space to see what we come up with for the mobile market.

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